Project Participation Call Concerning Care of Older Migrants

written by Tina Pan

As we all know, nursing homes are facing many challenges during this COVID-19-crisis. In addition, staff are facing communication challenges with some groups of residents, such as Chinese residents. Therefore, we want to apply to a project call of the Koning Boudewijnstichting on nursing homes and the COVID-19-crisis.

( The proposed project would aim to help nursing and management staff in nursing homes to manage communication problems with older Chinese residents and their family (in terms of confinement guidelines, shared decision making, social support) during corona confinement. (see attachment for project idea)

 I believe that the expertise from ENIEC members can help nursing homes in Belgium to better communicate and take care of older migrants with a minority migration background. If you are interested, we also want to ask you of course what you see and expect is needed in caring for older migrants with a minority migration background. We now based the proposed project on our perceived challenges, based on the contacts with Chinese residents in Belgian nursing homes. 

If ENIEC members want to contribute to this project, we ask you to kindly inform of us the challenges that you are faced with when caring for older migrants especially Chinese residents.

1.     In terms of migrants (from China, Singapore, Taiwan), which problems are care staff experiencing in terms of caring for older Chinese migrants during COVID-19-times? Which challenges do staff and management of the nursing homes face?

2.     In terms of help and support, given the  COVID-19 circumstances, how can you and your staff be supported? How could this project help staff in nursing homes? Which initiatives would you find interesting? 

3.     On the basis of previous conversations and experiences, we are already thinking of certain possibilities. Does the proposal (as outlined in the attachment) seem to be of added value to nursing homes according to your knowledge?