Dutch members be part of the whole AM2022 and stay in hotel!

The next AM will be held in The Hague. Jan Booij has an advice to the Dutch members: “ENIEC has many Dutch members and the distances in our country are small. It is a risk of an ENIEC Annual Meeting in the Netherlands that many Dutch members decide to sleep at home on those days instead of all together in the hotel. That risk was also present in The Hague 2008 and Amsterdam 2012.”As we do now, we encouraged members to spend the nights in the hotel to make meeting each other possible and central to the AM. That encouragement made that almost everyone checked in at the hotel”.

Jan: “The strength of ENIEC is the meeting and this is mainly manifested by having breakfast together, traveling by public transport, always leaving together to the place of meeting and, for some, finding the way back (or at night) in the late evening/night ( to get lost). During those moments, ENIEC flourishes, important things are exchanged and ideas and collaborations arise. There is also the opportunity to connect with the others from Europe and to pay close attention to this and to get to know each other better.”

As board we heard some members are thinking of not staying at the hotel to help lower the costs. Although this thought is appreciated, it does not work out like that, because the hotel is paid for. If you do want to contribute, please know ENIEC now has an ANBI status to make (small) donations easier.

From both the organizing committee and the board, we would like to inspire you to be in The Hague with the other members who come from far away in the Mercure hotel and to spend those days together. In short, book those days in advance and keep them free and let’s (re)connect!