Saloua Berdai, PhD receives Doctorate University of Brussels

On the 13th of October, ENIEC member Saloua Berdai, PhD received her doctorate at Vrije Universiteit Brussels.

The thesis, titled Grasping fading memories of a motherland: Capturing dynamic care realities of older labor migrants with dementia explored how family carers and professionals care for older labour migrants with dementia and how researchers can study older migrants in a more ethical way.

Saloua did a fantastic job of defending her PhD thesis. She answered all questions in a way which showcased both her critical thinking skills and her passion for the subject. Both the defence committee and the audience were deeply impressed and gave Saloua a standing ovation at the end.

On behalf of the board of ENIEC, we want to say that we are very proud of you Saloua Berdai and the important work that you have done to fight for better care for older migrants in Belgium and beyond.