Register for the AM 2022!

Just a few months waiting and then we will finally reconnect and meet in The Hague. A lot of preparation is going on. Several Dutch members are working together in the Organising Committee and we are also reaching out to partners in The Hague who like to share their knowledge but above all like to be in contact with you in the days of March 23, 24 and 25th 2022. We share two examples here with you. First, the Board met Atalay Celenk, owner of Julianaplaza, a social restaurant and meeting center in the middle of the most diverse neighboorhood of The Hague, Transvaal. Some great ideas for the fieldtrips and the programme came up. Then some Eniec-members had a wonderfull evening with the board of the Polish organisation in The Hague named Polka (Karijn Nijhoff, Anna Kowalska and Dorota Wrona) and the social worker (Ania Paszak) from the helpdesk for people from Eastern-Europa, IDHEM. This evening helped a smaller part of the Organising Committee to explore about the topic of today’s migration inside Europe, problems people are coping with and the possibilities from lessons learned in the past. What about care for the elderly family members when families live all over Europe? How to cope with cultural differences and uncertanties? A lot of questions to discuss during the next meeting. The Dutch Organising committee is working towards a fine meeting and we are happy with all your registrations. We keep our fingers crossed for the Covid-situation in our countries and hope to see you soon. Don’t forget to register!!

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