Norwegian webpage on older immigrants and dementia

Reaching older people with digital information can be difficult. So, to make sure those close to the older immigrants are informed of best practice, health care options, and judicial rights, we included health care personnel and family as part of the webpage鈥檚 target group.

Health communication is necessary in disease prevention and health promotion. Having this in mind, we at the Norwegian National Centre on Ageing and Health established a webpage on dementia and immigrants.

The headlines of the webpage are:

路 Who are the older immigrants in Norway?

路 Information about dementia in several languages

路 Using an interpreter

路 Information for health care personnel

路 Cross-cultural dementia assessment

路 Supporting the family and the immigrant community

Each headline contains information about dementia, displaying available digital resources, and providing links to material that can be downloaded. Brochures and fact sheets about dementia in multiple languages are available here.

We have also linked to information material found on Danish and Swedish sites. The Scandinavian languages, as well as health care systems, are similar. But both Sweden and Denmark have a larger proportion of older immigrants than Norway, and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to benefit from the excellent health communication work they have provided in the field of dementia and immigrants.

We have learned that sharing information material is a good idea in our line of work. By joining forces, we can reach even more people – in even more languages. Sharing is caring!

Written by Kariann Krohne