Organizational Changes at the University of Pécs

At the end of 2021, Dr. Lajos Bogár has retired as the head of the Department of Operational Medicine, and also due to a development project the Department got reorganized. The Department formerly consisted of the Defense, Disaster and Law Enforcement Medicine, Migration Health, Cultural Medicine, and Defence Research department groups.

By 2022, the Migration Health department group became part of the Institute of Public Health as a new individual department. The Defense, Disaster, and Law Enforcement Medicine, the Cultural Medicine, and Defence Research groups created a new entity at the Medical School as the Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre, the new Center also incorporates the simulation laboratory, the Medi Skills Lab, the former Department of Surgical Research and Techniques, and the 3D Printing and Visualisation Centre.

As for Dr. István Szilárd, Dr. Erika Marek, and Dr. Zoltán Katz, you can reach them through the same contacts, only the department has changed.