Lola Casal Sanchez Published Article in Social Work beyond Borders

by Lola Casal Sanchez
Our Chair, Lola Casal-Sanchez has participated in the book “Social Work beyond borders, the importance of relationships”  with the article “Aging Migrants in a Global World” the story of C.H, an older adult woman, migrant and resident in Europe for 40 years.
The book is edited by Ruth Stark, former President of the IFSW International Federation of Social Workers and provides living demonstrations of the social work role. Every story relates to relationships that are created to achieve change. Telling people’s stories, describing their experience, using reflective practice, has significant advantages over more traditional social science research methodologies which all too often squeeze practice approaches into non-functional linear frameworks. Strengthening relationships, building solidarity and realising people’s real interdependent power is at the heart of this book.